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Temagami is well known for the scenic beauty, sparkling lakes and abundant wildlife throughout the area. For the past century and up until recently, logging has played a major role in local employment. Today, countless miles of logging roads remain which offer an ATV enthusiast a limitless experience in enjoying our vast land base. Moose, bear, beaver, otter and several birds including the loon, owls, several varieties of small songbirds and the ever elusive osprey call Temagami home. Photo opportunities exist in the Temagami region that cannot be found anywhere else in North America.

ATVing begins after the snow is off the ground and OFSC snowmobile trails are closed. This usually occurs in late April to early May. Trails can and will be muddy until the frost is out of the ground, sometime in early June. Trails are navigable through the end of October and occasionally into early December. Best time for the fall color tour varies year to year but usually peaks anywhere from late August to early October. Call ahead for local color info after mid August.

Although it's not mandatory yet, riders are encouraged to wear hunter orange vests in the moose season which runs from early October to November 15 each year. All hunters (birds, rabbit and moose) are required to wear orange in both the bow and gun seasons.

For the beginner, there are graded gravel roads which are still being used in today's logging operations. Don't forget to share! Off road trips will take you along less travelled paths, often ending with dense overgrowth brushing against your face as you putter along. Mud holes, swamps and beaver dams are common but at the end of the trail is a lake that probably doesn't see more than a couple of fly fishermen a year. As the fish are sizzling in the pan, stand up, gaze over the pristine wilderness and wonder what your friends back in the big city will be having for their lunch.

Yuuummmmmm !!!

The town of Temagami is located in the center of the 31M4 topo map, available from all reputable map retail outlets across the province as well as at several locations locally. For those with the map app on their cell phone, these maps can be dowloaded from there. Several ATV roads/trails are shown on this map but many more "bunny trails" are not. Our staff can assist you with your daily planning consultation and ink in a trail to ensure you that you will enjoy a day's ride that's custom made to meet and exceed your expectations.

Guides, knowledgeable with the area's wildlife, fishing and photo opportunities, are available to lead you through several types of terrain. Rental fishing equipment, as well as some photographic accessories such as a tripod and a portable tree stand are available. (You'd be surprised what it looks like from 20 feet in the air!). Sorry, no rental cameras are available.

If you like "Chocolate", we've got it!

Swamps and bogs are a magnet for our guests that crave playing in the mud. And there are plenty of mud holes around the Temagami area to play in. Spring will have the deepest holes due to the run-off from winter snows but both summers and autumns can provide hours of entertainment for men and women of all ages.

Back at the lodge in the evening, you can hose off the buggy for another ride tomorrow then enjoy one of our internationally famous all-you-can-eat homemade meals. For those with digital cameras (and software), bring your own USB cable, plug into our computer and email today's pics to friends and family back home. We also have high speed wireless internet service (WiFi) for guests with their own laptops.

ATV Rentals

Neither us nor any other business in the Temagami area have ATV rentals at the present time. Although we have countless miles of great trails to ride on, I cannot get other lodges interested in forming an "official" ATV club, formatting a trail map of the area and then promoting the region as a major motorized tourist destination. If my vision ever becomes reality, you can bet that I will be the first lodge in this area to offer ATV rentals. In the meantime, bring your own machines and enjoy the wildlife viewing opportunities, the scenery and the trails that are already on the 31M4 map described above or any of the countless other trails that we can "pencil in" for you and your friends as you'll probably be the only ones riding them.

From time to time, some of our guests are looking to either buy or sell ATVs and related items. When this happens, I try to help them with this by posting a note and picture on this website on the Items For Sale page which can be accessed from the top of this page. If you, or anyone you know, are interested in buying these items, please look here first.

Check-in times for weekly packages are after 2:00 p.m. on Saturdays and check-out times are before 11:00 a.m. on the following Saturdays. For overnight packages, the same times apply for each day. Please inquire about any variations that can be made to these time schedules.

Responsible use of alcoholic beverages is allowed on lodge property. However, we are not a licensed outlet for the sale of these beverages.

Pets are always welcome.

Key Benefits

  • Unlimited access to trails and logging roads by truck or ATV.

  • Great fishing, clean water and majestic views ... everywhere!

  • Exceptional photographic opportunities for flora and fauna.

  • Our internationally famous all-you-can-eat meals.

  • Worry-free parking on site.



Price (Can $)



(2 people, motel unit)



Housekeeping Unit



2 Meals
(dinner & breakfast)



Trail Lunches To Go



(Up to 4 ATV'ers)

1/2 Day - $125.00

N/A this year

All Day - $175.00

$100.00/Day after first day

Additional ATV'ers:
$40.00/Half day or $50.00/All day

Boat/Motor Rental



Canoe Rental



Portable Tree Stand



(still format or video camera)



Fishing rod/tackle


Fly rod/flies


Note: Damage deposit required on all rentals.

All reservations require a 50% deposit by e-tranfer or certified check at time of booking.
Cancellations with refunds are accepted up to 30 days before arrival. Service charges may apply.
The final 50% is due 30 days before arrival and there are no refunds after that.

No monetary refunds for early returns on rentals.

Send mail to paradise@onlink.net with questions or comments about this web site.
Effective immediately, we are only accepting payment by cash, certified checks or e-transfers.
For all e-transfers, please include the booking dates (BD) and person making the payment in the subject line:
whethere it is a reservation deposit (RD) or a payment deposit (PD),
and the name of the person making the reservation if different from the person making the payment.
Example: BD January 1, 2, 3 -23, RD for John Doe, PD made by Jane Smith.

This little bit of info will help to keep my book keeper off my back. Thanks.