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Here are a few links to various websites that we think will help you plan your vacation well in advance with us at Northland Paradise Lodge. If you think there might be other sites that would be beneficial to future customers, please feel free to email them to us for consideration and inclusion on this page. Thank you.

My Chambers of Commerce -

Temagami's Weather Page -

Water levels in Cassels & Rabbit Lakes -

Ontario's Winter and Summer Road Conditions, including construction areas -
www.mto.gov.on.ca/english/traveller/conditions/index.html Also, a new feature on cell phones is the ability to dial 511 for road closures in the winter months.

Temagami Maps and Directions - find our place, your place or any address anywhere in the world -

Snowmobiling information: trail maps, updated grooming information, permit sales, and anything else to do with our favorite winter sport -

Ministry of Natural Resources -

Federal Firearms Regulations -

ATVs and Bill 11....where you can go ...and can't go! Effective August 16, 2003 -

All camera owners will love this site. It has in-depth information on countless brands (some that you've probably never heard of) from older 35 mm film format through today's digital world and even larger roll film cameras including 120, 4X5 and sheet film. My personal choice of cameras are the Mamiya RB67 for 120 roll film format and the Nikon D7000 DSLR for digital format. It lists about 99% of all the Nikon bodies and lenses ever made and thoroughly discusses their compatibility with past and present lenses/bodies in an easy-to-read chart form. It also has lots of links to other sites for more information. If you're thinking of buying another camera body or a lens for your present camera body, look here first -

Ontario Out of Doors magazine - your all-in-one guide to great fishing and hunting opportunities -

Power Sport & Marine, North Bay is no longer open for both Polaris ATV snowmobile sales & repairs and Mercury Marine outboard motors. At the current time, there isn't another local dealer to offer these services.

Temiskaming Smallmouth Bass Association- An annual fishing tournament series promoting the catch and release of smallmouth bass in a number of towns and lakes across north eastern Ontario -

Fur Harvesters Association - A world leader in the sale of wild native North American furs -

ONR - Ontario Northland Railroad - Effective September 28, 2012, McGuinty cancelled all passenger train services to and from northern Ontario. Supposedly, it is being replaced with an "enhanced" bus service but few people can see any enhancement from sitting in a bus in the middle of a traffic jam on Highway 11 for 6 or 8 hours while waiting for the police and medics to scrape up an accident scene due to slippery roads and the associated investigations. However, the bus schedules and rates are still posted at -

Nastawgan Trails - Non-motorized hiking trails throughout the Temagami area -

Entering Canada:-

  • Canadian Border Services Agency -
    www.cbsa.gc.ca. They used to have a 1-800 number but it is no longer listed.

  • U.S. Customs and Border Protection -

  • Canada Customs & Revenue Agency- what you can and cannot bring into Canada such as fruit & vegetables, firearms, etc -

  • Canadian Consulate- for foreign guests entering Canada -

    New border rules What does it mean for guests?

    There is still a lot of confusion over the announcement made by Immigration Minister, Jason Kenny and MP Greg Rickford recently regarding relaxed admission procedures for guests who have minor criminal records, such as DUIs. A number of tourist operators have circulated notices to their guests that indicate that these past offences are no longer a barrier to admission. This greatly overstates the nature of the actual change that has been made in original documents and with sources in the Canada Border Services Agency (see above).

    The Operational Bulletin for this initiative has been posted outlining the details of the initiative and its application. The full bulletin, www.cic.gc.ca/english/resources/manuals/bulletins/2012/ob389.asp does not make all formerly inadmissible guests admissible!

  • If you have further questions, visit the Canada Immigration website at -

Municipality of Temagami -

The Nugget (North Bay daily newspaper) -

Northern lights are a highlight of the night time sky at any time of the year and there is no guaranteed method of predicting when they might appear. However, here's a few sites that do track solar storms whch cause northern lights. I hope this will help you when searching for this wonderful nightime glow.

If you go to this website, there are links there, such as:
- A 27 day magnetic activity forecast:
- Regional magnetic conditions and forecast:
- Current regional magnetic conditions:
- Quicklook Summary:

Send mail to paradise@onlink.net with questions or comments about this web site.
Effective immediately, we are only accepting payment by cash, certified checks or e-transfers.
For all e-transfers, please include the booking dates (BD) and person making the payment in the subject line:
whethere it is a reservation deposit (RD) or a payment deposit (PD),
and the name of the person making the reservation if different from the person making the payment.
Example: BD January 1, 2, 3 -23, RD for John Doe, PD made by Jane Smith.

This little bit of info will help to keep my book keeper off my back. Thanks.