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This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

May 3, 2019. I have created a new photography page called Song Birds ... and More. This will be of help to anyone looking for identification assistance for the countless songbirds in the Temagami area. More bird photos will be added as I find and record them.

September 7, 2014 For those that follow this website on a regular basis, you have noted that I gladly accept new ideas and suggestions on how I can improve this site. Over the years, I've had an endless amount of emails expressing thanks for pointing out a variety of edible mushrooms and readers have said they have tried a few and thoroughly enjoyed them. Recently, someone inquired as to why I haven't offered any of my recipes on how to cook mushrooms. Quite frankly, this had never crossed my mind. So here's the challenge and invitation to all fungii conniseurs: what is your favorite mushroom recipe(s)? Send them in and if there is sufficient interest, I will start a new page of recipes ... not only for mushrooms but I just might include wild game and fish dishes also. If you'd like your 15 seconds of fame, give me a "yes or no" on adding only your name and town below the recipe.

January, 2012. Due to popular request, I've rewrote the accommodations page and added pictures of all the units and a brief description of each so that perspective new guests can see, first hand, the high quality standards that we maintain to ensure that all of our guests know exactly what they will have upon arrival at our lodge.

On June 16, 2011, we will be celebrating 25 years here at the lodge. We couldn't begin to count all the friends we have made, the experiences we have shared or the lessons we have learnd but we would like to thank each and every one of our customers who have helped us reach this milestone. And we're not done yet; another summer means another chance to expand this ever growing list of guests that we prefer to call "our family". Please, best wishes only.

March 2009. I've advertised my snowmobile for sale. You can see it on the Items For Sale page.

January 2009. We have recently split the Photo Tour page into Photo Tours and Wild Orchids. With all the pictures on that one page, it was taking quite a while for it to load, especilly for anyone still on dial-up. We hope you will find it much easier to access both pages now and in the future.

Spring 2008. We have now added two more new pages to the ever expanding website. The first is all about wild native mushrooms. There is a good variety of photos; each species comes with its Latin name, its English name (where applicable) and a short description about each one. The second new page is for wedding & portrait photography and has several examples from a few of the many weddings I have taken over the years. If you or any of your friends are planning a wedding in the Temagami area, please pass this page on to them for consideration. Thank you.

Spring 2007. We have added a completely new page called Community Events. This is a listing of events in and around the Temagami area that are occurring during the year. Events are tourism based and/or fundraisers for local participation. As always, if anyone knows of something that I have not posted, please let me know about it.

Fall 2006. Due to customer feedback, I have recently divided up the page on snowmobiling into 3 separate pages for snowmobiling (with the usual info as well as the weekly trail report), another page just for icefishing (and its weekly winter fishing report) and a third page for snowshoeing and XC skiing packages. I think you will find this new format is a lot easier to search through for your favorite winter sport activities.

Finally! The new page is up and posted for anyone interested in a Canoeing vacation (2006). The lodge has recently purchased a fleet of four canoes for rental in the coming summer season. New pictures and text will be posted as the season progresses.

Last summer (2005), we started a page (Weekly Fishing Report) dedicated to our fishing guests who were planning their annual fishing vacations at Northland Paradise Lodge. Weekly updates included water temperatures, best lures, which species were biting best and other pertinent information to assist them in pre-planning their trip. This page proved to be very popular and the feedback we received was appreciated by all who read it.

So, with that in mind, this winter (2005/2006), I have a weekly up-to-date report on snowmobile trail conditions throughout the Temagami and north eastern Ontario region and it also includes info for our ice fishing clients with emphasis on ice thickness, snow depth and slush conditions on area lakes and, of course, which species are biting best each week. This information can be easily accessed at the bottom of the Snowmobiling page. As with the summer page, information will be gathered from the people that really know what is happening out there .... our guests.

For our summer guests, I have included a whole new section on photography with special emphasis on wild orchids that are native to northern Ontario and can be found in discreet locations throughout the Temagami area. You will find this on the Photo Tour page.

New pictures are added to the Latest Wildlife Viewings as they are accumulated. If you have vacationed with us in the past and have a neat shot of some wild critter and you'd like the world to see it also, send it in and I'll post it for you. All the rules and other pertinent info can be found on this page.

Recent Media Coverage

This portion of this page is still under construction. When items are catalogued in proper order, they will be posted at that time. Thank you in advance for your patience.

Send mail to paradise@onlink.net with questions or comments about this web site.