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Northland Paradise Lodge is situated directly on the OFSC sanctioned Trans Canada "A" trail with signage to the lodge from North Bay (south), Sudbury (west) and New Liskeard (north). Petro-Can gasoline (regular and high-test) and yearly/weekly OFSC trail passes are available in town. We have safe, worry-free sled parking on site and plenty of free weekly trailer parking for our guests. We are Temagami's preferred starting point for overnight or weekly loops as we will drive your truck/trailer to meet you anywhere (with road access) if you experience either a mechanical breakdown or a sudden change in trail conditions due to freezing ice or a loss of snow from an unexpected spring thaw. Just leave your keys with us before you go.

For first-time sledders in northeastern Ontario, travel times to the lodge from 1)North Bay is 3 hours, 2)Sudbury is 6 hours, 3) New Liskeard is 2 hours and Timmins/Cochrane is 8 hours. Actual traveling times can vary greatly due to weather and trail conditions. Breaks for meals and fuel were not included in these estimates.

Our meals are always ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT! Group discounts are available. After dinner, relax by the fire in our games room with a game of snooker/billiards or shuffleboard. Or, enjoy a sauna and then watch the big game on our satellite TV.


Neither us nor any other business in the Temagami area has snowmobile rentals this year. However, you're not completely out of luck because there are two choices for rentals, both of which are located south of here in the North Bay area. After picking up your sled, Northland Paradise Lodge can easily be reached within a day's ride from either of these locations.

The first place for rentals is just east of North Bay in Bonfield. Sampson's Rentals (see this year's NNTA/OFSC map) carry the Ski-Doo line of snowmobile rentals as well as clothing & accessories along with parts, sales and service for their sleds. Their website is www.sampsonsales.com and they can be reached by email at sampsonsales@on.aibn.com and by phone at 1-705-776-2687 or by fax at 1-705-776-2205. They're located right on the A102D trail.

The other rental place is at the Eagle Lake Narrows store, South River (see this year's NNTA/OFSC map). Along with the rentals, they have fuel, a snack bar and convenience store. Their website is www.eaglelakenarrows.com and they can be reached by email at the_narrows@onlink.net or by phone at 1-705-386-0056.

Please mention our name when making any inquiries or reservations.


For anyone riding the trail system, permits are required by law. These can be purchased online at www.ofsc.on.ca, printed off and then attached to the snowmobile windshield with any adhesive tape. We will gladly assist our guests with this process upon arrival at the lodge. Three day permits are $75.00 and full week permits are $140.00. As of the 2016/2017 season, we are now located in District 14 and it would be appreciated if you indicated this district when applying for your permit so that the funds from the sale of these permits can be used locally. However, all provincial trails are accessible with permits for the current year. Only snowmobiles are allowed on OFSC trails, This does not include, horses, cars, pick-ups, or ATV's (with or without optional tracks). If you see any other vehicle than a snowmobile on the trail, snap a quick pic of their license plate and then notify the police as to the time and location of the incident so they can charge these idiots that are messing up the groomed trails that you are paying to ride on. There are very few exceptions where permits are not required. These include all trappers and any locals that are going directly to an area lake for ice fishing purposes.


We continue to find pack sacks (containing clothing for your trip which have fallen off your sleds) on the trails. Once in a blue moon, it has some identification in it so that it can be returned to the rightful owner back in southern Ontario or one of the many U.S. states. Please, please, please ..... leave some identification (your name, cell phone number, etc.) on a piece of paper in a plastic bag just inside the top of your packs. Also, a clearly documented trip plan would also prove beneficial so we can determine in which direction you were heading when it fell off. For example.... I left Burks Falls on Saturday morning, I will be staying in Temagami at (specific lodge location) on Saturday night, I will be at (location, again ) in Kirkland Lake on Sunday, in Cochrane at (location) on Monday evening, etc., etc. If you are a member of a group of sledders, please include the name of the person that booked the accommodations for the trip as this will assist us when we call ahead to your next night's scheduled rendezvous. When your lost luggage is found on the trail, it can then be passed on to a reliable source of transportation to be carried in that direction. This could be any of our regular repeat customers, the OPP or even a courier service who could possibly have your clothes at your destination before you get there! It's a small price to pay for necessary items. Needless to say, we can phone ahead to that destination and leave a message at the front desk saying that your socks and underwear are on the way.

A repeat feature this winter is our up-to-date snowmobile trail report on local trail conditions for snowmobilers (see below) and ice fishing conditions (found on the ice fishing page) which will attempt to address some of our customers' concerns. Any information that I receive from the local OFSC club pertaining to grooming operations, snow conditions and other relevant data will be listed here. Trail conditions as reported to me from my customers traveling anywhere in northeastern Ontario will also be noted.  Snow depth, slush conditions and anything "out of the ordinary" will be posted. Needless to say, both good and less than good reports will be tabled.


With the increase in popularity of helmet cams (Go-Pros, etc.) and the opportunities to see and capture wildlife with these electronic devices, we encourage our guests to share these pics with other sledders. I will post any photos that are clear & sharp and then emailed to me to be posted on this page. Photo credits (your name, date and town/trail) will be given. Subject matter could include anything from a small ermine to a majestic moose or even just scenic vistas of snow-covered trees, open water streams or wide open expanses of marked trails.

RIDE programs, trail speed enforcement areas and safety checks locations on OFSC trails WILL NOT be listed.

For more trail information on areas north of Temagami through to Cochrane, visit www.tata-bestsnowmobiling.com

For trail reports from Burks Falls, Mattawa and the west end of Lake Nipissing through North Bay to Temagami, visit www.nnta.net.

Would you like to know what the weather is like in Temagami? Go to the useful links at the top of this page and then click on the Temagami Weather Page.

From time to time, some of our guests are looking to either buy or sell a snowmobile. When this happens, I try to help them with this by posting a note and picture on this website on the Items For Sale page which can be accessed from the top of this page. If you, or anyone you know, are interested in buying a snowmobile or associated items, please look here first.

Check-in times for weekly packages are after 2:00 p.m. on Saturdays and check-out times are before 11:00 a.m. on the following Saturdays. For overnight packages, the same times apply for each day. Please inquire about any variations that can be made to these time schedules.

Responsible use of alcoholic beverages is allowed on lodge property. However, we are not a licensed outlet for the sale of these beverages.

Pets are always welcome.



This information should only be viewed as a guideline and should never be misinterpreted as cold hard facts in any sense of legal obligations. Absolutely no liability will be associated with this and all users assume all responsibility and consequences resulting from their own actions taken from this information.

2018/19 REPORT

Tuesday, March 26, 2019. I'm sorry to report that the "A" trail north from town is now closed for the rest of the winter. There's plenty of snow everywhere else except on the powerline where the Ontario Hydro work crews have it bulldozed down to bare gravel so they can do their scheduled maintenance work on that 10 km, part of their road access. Yes, it is their road allowance that sledders use but it would have been greatly appreciated if they would have worked further north until spring arrived and left the snowy part of the trail for us to ride on. But, what else is new? If it isn't the MNR shutting the town last summer due to restricted fire zones when it was raining a couple inches every week then it's Hydro shutting down the sled trails when there's 6 more weeks of snow left. Tourism opportunities feel these effects all year long.

Monday, March 18, 2019. It's still snowing and setting new records for total accumulation with every snowflake that falls. As of last week, we were at 177% of the average snowfall over the past 20 years. Sunday night was just a dusting with only 2 or 3 inches of the new stuff on the ground. Trails are still excellent everywhere. The map shows yellow (caution) going north past Temagami but it is only because Hydro is doing regular maintenance work on the power line between here and Roosevelt Road. Be nice to the guys, it's their road allowance that sledders are using.

Sunday, March 10, 2019. Trails are excellent everywhere. The lake slush has finally froze solid (again!) and you can drive anywhere on it now. It was sunny and rather chilly (-20 to -30C or more every night) for the past week and grooming is being done on a regular basis. With every snowflake that falls, a new snow depth record is set as we have almost twice the snow we have had over the past twenty year average. We will easily have good trail riding into the middle or end of April this year. Southern Ontario might be thinking about getting their lawn mowers out but we're still leaning on our snow shovels every few days.

Sunday, February 10, 2019. We have already received more snow this winter than what we had for all of last year. Trails are in excellent shape and are being groomed on a regular basis. There has been noticably less traffic on the trails and in town this year for some unknown reason. As I said, trails are good and gas prices are way down this year but traffic is light. We have several weeks of good riding left so get up here and enjoy the winter where northern hospitality is second to none.

Friday, January 11, 2019. Well it took long enough but I think the trails are finally being groomed. I saw the driver coming down the road yesterday and heading home with the groomer so I'm assuming that he was out last night for the first time. I haven't seen any orange pipes on the lake yet so they should be soon coming also. Lakes are terribly slushy right now after lots of heavy, wet snow and warm weather last weekend but we woke up to -30C this morning and hopefully, things will soon stiffen up. I haven't heard if Liskeard has come south with their groomer or not. I have accommodatioins available except for the Jan. 25/26 weekend as the whole town is booked up for the annual hockey tournament.

Saturday, December 29, 2018. There's lots of snow everywhere with depths ranging uo to 24" in most places. Most lakes have sufficient ice for safe travel but there is an abnormal amount of slush on them. Caution is urged and if you see slush, don't slow down and you will get through it. Why the trails are not groomed is beyond me as there's plenty there to work with.

Monday, November 26, 2018. We got our first snow a few weeks back and it looks like it might be here to stay for the winter. This past weekend brough warm temperatures with more rain than snow but we still have a white blanket everywhere, although it is thin. Needless to say, it's going to be a while before riding starts. Lakes are now froze but ice is too thin for walking or sleding so please stay off of it and your family won't have an empty chair for the Christmas dinner.

2017/18 REPORT

Wednesday, April 25, 2018. It's all over for another year. Sunny days and warm temperatures over the past week have put an end to another great winter of sledding opportunities. It's been several years since we could ride this far on the calendar, thanks mostly to a late Easter and the associated moon cycles. Lakes are showing wet slushy areas but shorelines are still solid for late season fishing on stocked trout lakes. By next week, this will also be finished. It was great seeing the new folks that were here for the first time and a special thanks goes to the return guests that keep coming back year after year. This was the second year in a row that I didn't have to go retrieve anybody that had left their keys with us and broke down somewhere on the trail but fear not, we will offer that service again next year. I hope everyone has a great summer and please stop in if you're passing through town. We'll see you again in 2019. Thanks all.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018. We still have lots of snow and yesterday I watched several goups of sledders heading north on the trail across the lake. Warmer weather with double digit temperatures on the plus side is predicted for next week so that could spell the end of another year of late season great sledding opportunities. Currently, we have lots of snow base and although it has been light, it has been snowing here for the last 2 days. This could be your last weekend for that one last ride. Lakes are starting to get slushy but there is still 24 to 30 inches of clear blue ice below that. Shorelines are still solid. We're open; come on up.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018. For anyone still wanting that "one last ride", we still have lots of snow from Temagami north. Last week, the total snow accumulation was well over a foot ... and that's on top of the snow we already had. The weatherman is saying we're in for another major dump of snow at the end of this week. Lakes are solid without any slush and shorelines are good as well. There is still up to 3 feet of ice on area lakes and plenty of snow on top of that. Call us; we're open for any and all sledders for a while yet.

Sunday, April 1, 2018. This past week has seen bright sun and warm days so the trails aren't in great shape but last night brought 3 or 4 inches of new snow to the area. All the brown spots on trails are now covered up again. I was on the trap line yesterday and lake travel is excellent with no signs of slush anywhere. OFSC trails south of town are closed but those to the north are still listed as yellow or limited so this new snow should help keep them in fair riding shape for another week or more.

Sunday, March 18, 2018. The area trails are holding up quite well in these cold nights lately. Temperatures have consistently been in the -20 to -25 C range and the groomer is still out on a regular basis. I haven't seen any rocks showing yet and traffic has been moderate to light so you can forget about moguls on the trails. Any more snow that might come would be a blessing and greatly appreciated by all sledders. Lakes are solid with very little slush showing anywhere now. We should be good for a few more weeks of sledding before it's over for another year.

Thursday, March 8, 2018. Trails are still in great shape with lots of snow from Temagami north towards the Cochrane area. The groommer was out again a couple nights ago. 2 or 3 inches of new snow has fallen over the last few days and more is predicted before this weekend. We are full house through the coming weekend but starting Monday, rooms are available. Lake travel is good if you remain on designated trails but there's slush if you get off of them to play in the snow.

Saturday, February 24, 2018. It's been another week without any appreciable amount of new snow but trials are holding up quite well. More snow is in the forecast for the next week. Temperatures have fluctuated between close to thawing and -20C at nights. Lake travel is still good and slush can be found off the beaten paths but even then, it's not much of a problem. The groomer has been out on a regular basis all week. With family day behind us, traffic will be lighter now in both the mid-week and on weekends.

Friday, February 16, 2018. We've only had a day or two of light snow this past week but traffic has been light so trails are in good shape. The groomer has been out on a regular basis both south and north of town. More snow would be greatly appreciated. Lakes are hard with no reports of any slush on the packed marked trails. I only found one small stretch of slush about 30 yards long on a small lake on my trap line. A one day warm spell up around the freezing mark a couple days ago did nothing to hurt the base we have.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018. It's been a beautiful week with mostly sunny skies, cold temperatures both day and night and light snow. Trails are in excellent shape but I haven't seen a lot of sleds on them yet. Lakes are dry and travel is good there also.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018. More snow has come our way this week with today's prediction of flurries turning into 5 or 6 inches of new "flurries" on the ground and it's still coming down right now. The weather report is calling for more flurries tomorrow. Trails are good and I have no idea why they are still listed as "limited" or yellow on the map when there is a good base to ride on. The lake slush that was expected never happened and travel is good everywhere. However, if you don't know the lake and where you're going, follow existing tracks and don't make new ones. There could be a good reason (poor ice, pressure cracks, river mouths, etc.) as to why other people haven't gone through there ahead of you.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018. We finally got the snow last night that we were waiting for and now have 8 to 10 inches of new powder to play in. Hopefully, this will be enough to groom and open the trails. Lakes have about 2 feet of solid ice everywhere so I doubt if this snow will bring up the slush. I'll keep an eye on it and report any changes.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018. We've had lots of cold and windy temperatures over the past few days to stiffen up all the slush on the lakes so sled travel is good again. Trails have seen light traffic but we need more snow to lubricate the sliders. Nothing has been groomed yet to both the north and south of town. Signage is out but the trails are not officially open as of today.

Friday, January 12, 2018. The past week has seen unbelievable temperatures of +7 to -5C mixed with light rains and sun. Needless to say, the trails have taken a beating and are not in good shape. Lakes have 1 to 2 feet of slush in most places. Signage has been placed on the trails and the orange pipes are on the lakes but we are not encouraging any sled traffic until everything stiffens up on both the lakes and land trails, hopefully within a week or so.

Saturday, January 6, 2018. Another 8 inches of new snow this past week has provided a good base of close to 2 feet for sled travel on area trails now. Lakes are solid with 15 to 20 inches of ice and no slush showing anywhere. I don't know when anyone will be putting out the trail and lake signage and opening the trails but it won't be me doing it again this year. If you know where you're going, come on up and enjoy some early season sledding with little or no traffic to worry about.

Monday, December 25, 2017. We've had lots of cold weather over the past few weeks which has really helped make good ice on the lakes. There is very little slush anywhere and travelling is good. It will be a while before trails are officially open as we need more snow to pack for the groomer but this isn't stopping a lot of people from using them now.

Friday, December 1, 2017. It's been a whole year since I asked the Municipality of Temagami, the OFSC and the MNR to work together and get a simple crossing installed on the track for trail groomer access only. As you can imagine, these discussions have not even been started, yet alone been completed so the groomer driver will again have to put his life on the line and travel along Highway 11 to access the trail system south of town. It will not be me sitting in the groomer. As for snow conditions, we don't have any significant amount on the ground yet. Colder temperatures are predicted in another week and then lakes will freeze over and snow can come after that. Hopefully, trails will open early in the New Year.

2016/17 REPORT

For the first time in over 25 years, I will not be driving the trail groomer this winter. There has been a change to the OFSC district borders and Temagami is no longer a part of the Near North Trail Association (District 11, North Bay) and we now are under the authority of the Temiskaming Abitibi Trail Association (District 14, New Liskeard). They asked me to drive their groomer this winter and in order for me to access the trail system south of Temagami, I would have been required to drive it along the shoulder of Highway 11 from the local PetroCan gas station and past Filayson Provincial Park in a blind curve with insufficient shoulders to allow safe passage of fast moving vehicular traffic (big trucks) at all hours of the day and night in both directions ... and they were mad when I refused to do that so they will now have to find another person that wants to put his/her life on the line. I wish that person all the best for the coming winter. There is another easily accessible trail route that could be used for groomer accesss only that avoids all highway usage of the said groomer and only requires the re-installation of wood timbers betweeen the ONR track rails but the OFSC, the Municipality of Temagami and the ONR will not get together to enhance safety issues for tourism opportunities in the Temagami area. Enough said.

Key Benefits

  • Located directly on the OFSC "A" Trail

  • Big, bright and clear directional signage

  • No-cost-to-you pick-up service for unforeseen breakdowns

  • Home made and home-cooked ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT meals



Per person
(2 meals and accommodations)

Group Rates
(8 or more)

Daily Rates



Multi-Day Rates



Snowshoe Rental

$20.00 a day /$100.00 a week
(damage deposit req'd)

Ice Hut Rental

$50.00 a day, includes drilled holes and propane heat.
BYO tackle. Bait is available.

All reservations require a 50% deposit by credit card.
Cancellations with refunds are accepted prior to 30 days before date of arrival.

No monetary refunds for early returns on rentals.

Send mail to paradise@onlink.net with questions or comments about this web site.