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Guided trap line tours are available during the late fall and winter months. During the open water trapping season (after October 15), boats are supplied. For tours on land trails (old logging roads), guests must supply their own ATV's. Once winter arrives and the lakes and rivers are frozen (usually before Christmas), guests must supply their own snowmobiles.

You will see, first hand, professional trappers carrying on an age-old tradition with the newest of equipment, all within the strict rules and quotas mandated by the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR).

Species harvested include muskrat, raccoon, beaver, red squirrel, ermine (weasel), mink, marten (sable), fisher, otter, red fox, lynx, coyote and timber wolf.

Don't forget your camera and enjoy a free lunch over an open fire on the side of the trail. Sorry, but pets are not allowed on any of these tours; first for safety reasons and secondly, dog and wolf urine have a similar odor and all other animals tend to shy away from areas where wolves have been.


Check-in times for weekly packages are after 2:00 p.m. on Saturdays and check-out times are before 11:00 a.m. on the following Saturdays. For overnight packages, the same times apply for each day. Please inquire about any variations that can be made to these time schedules.

Responsible use of alcoholic beverages is allowed on lodge property. However, we are not a licensed outlet for the sale of these beverages.

Pets are always welcome at the lodge but not on the tours.

Key Benefits

  • Experience "a day in the bush" with seasoned professionals.

  • Discover why trapping is Canada's oldest commercial business.

  • Appreciate the meaning of sustainable harvest and the resulting implications if under-/over- harvesting practices were allowed.

  • Identify the feeding habits and tracks of fur bearing predators.



(Per person)







October 15 through early to mid November

Our boat/Your ATV




Late November to March 31,
then to May 15 for boats

Your Snowmobile

All reservations require a 50% deposit by e-tranfer or certified check at time of booking.
Cancellations with refunds are accepted up to 30 days before arrival. Service charges may apply.
The final 50% is due 30 days before arrival and there are no refunds after that.

No monetary refunds for early returns on rentals.

Tanned Fur Sales

I have just received this years tanned furs from my tanner so there is a good variety to choose from.

Several species of tanned fur are available in our gift shop. Beaver pelts, in a variety of styles, are always in stock and popular as souvenirs of Canada. Other species currently available include ermine, red squirrel, mink, marten (sable), muskrat, raccoon, fisher, otter, red fox, lynx, coyote, timber wolf and possum. Other species are available from time to time and can be specifically ordered a year in advance.

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Effective immediately, we are only accepting payment by cash, certified checks or e-transfers.
For all e-transfers, please include the booking dates (BD) and person making the payment in the subject line:
whethere it is a reservation deposit (RD) or a payment deposit (PD),
and the name of the person making the reservation if different from the person making the payment.
Example: BD January 1, 2, 3 -23, RD for John Doe, PD made by Jane Smith.

This little bit of info will help to keep my book keeper off my back. Thanks.